Watch: Kaia Gerber stars in John Eatherly’s ‘BURNOUT’ Music Video

Model Kaia Gerber is featured in John Eatherly‘s new music video for his latest single, BURNOUT.

In the new video, Kaia stars alongside model Oli Green, who stars as her love interest, while Eatherly also appears in the video in the role of Oli’s driver.

Eatherly spoke to People about the concept behind the video, saying:

“One side is about the frustration of feeling like you don’t belong and how boring it can be when people all try to fit the same mold,” he said. “The other side is about the romantic ‘rockstar’ fantasy of living a checked out blissful life of excess. That doesn’t tend to end well. The key is to never give a shit about anyone’s approval other than your own.”

Check out Kaia in the BURNOUT video below!

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Watch: Kaia Gerber stars in John Eatherly’s ‘BURNOUT’ Music Video

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