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Watch: Teaser for NCT's Taeyong's 'Long Flight' Music Video – TEEN DAILY

Watch: Teaser for NCT’s Taeyong’s ‘Long Flight’ Music Video

With just one day to go until NCT‘s Taeyong drops his new Long Flight music video, the singer is giving fans a sneak peek at the video with a brand-new teaser.

In the teaser, Taeyong can be seen boarding a flight before the video cuts to him standing under the starry night sky under a quick clip of the song.

Taeyong reportedly helped compose and write the lyrics for the new song alongside producer Royal Drive.

Long Flight is set to officially drop on Thursday (July 18). Check out the teaser below along with the making of the music video!

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Watch: Teaser for NCT’s Taeyong’s  ‘Long Flight’ Music Video

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