KJ Apa talks Riverdale’s Luke Perry Tribute Episode “It’s a beautiful episode”

With just a few months to go until Riverdale returns to The CW, KJ Apa has opened up about what fans can expect from its opening episode, which is a tribute to their late co-star Luke Perry

“Everything in that first episode is so authentic and so real that it didn’t really feel like shooting an episode of our show,” KJ told Extra at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. “It was obviously really emotional. It’s a beautiful episode; we still have a lot to shoot for it.”

“I’m super excited for people to see it,” he said.

“It’s a tough one, because you have to go back a bit and access that emotion — that is not something that everyone feels comfortable doing… The writers absolutely nailed it,” KJ added.

KJ also spoke about filming with Shannen Doherty for the tribute episode, saying:

“It was awesome. I had a couple of scenes with her. She is a beautiful actress.”

As for what’s to come in season 4, KJ said: “We are going back to our roots this season. We are following the vibe of Season 1, where it was more getting to know, going deeper into the relationships between the core four and stuff.”

You can catch KJ in season 4 of Riverdale when it premieres on October 9 on the CW.

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KJ Apa talks Riverdale’s Luke Perry Tribute Episode “It’s a beautiful episode”

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