Romee Strijd Reveals Plans for Marriage & Kids

Romee Strijd is back with another YouTube video, and this time, she answers commonly asked questions like her plans for marriage, kids, and more.

In her newest vlog, the model takes viewers behind the scenes as she returns to NYC for a shoot with Victoria’s Secret, before spending some time in the park with boyfriend Laurens van Leeuwen where they answer fan questions.

“A lot of you ask about [a] wedding and babies, and if we wanted a big wedding or a small wedding,” Romee says in the video. “I think we want to have an intimate, smaller wedding with just friends and family.”

Romee and Laurens revealed that they’d also do a bigger party with more friends to celebrate, but would like to keep the ceremony itself small.

“I think the wedding itself, maybe [in] a warm place like a nice island somewhere, probably in Europe,” Romee says.

“But I still have to propose,” Laurens adds. “You have to find the right timing.”

As for kids, Romee says:

“Well, first of all, I really want to have babies. But you never know how it’s going to work out, and how many you can get, and how you feel pregnant, and how the kids are. Maybe you have one baby it’s a cry baby and then you’re like ‘No, I don’t any other babies any more.'”

“I think I would love to have three. Either three or four,” she reveals.

Check out Romee’s Q&A below!

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Romee Strijd Reveals Plans for Marriage & Kids

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