Shay Mitchell Reveals She’s Been Wearing a Diaper during her Pregnancy

Shay Mitchell dropped the latest episode of Almost Ready this week, in which she reveals she’s been wearing a diaper and discusses the challenges of slowing down her non-stop schedule.

“I swear to god, in like, a half an hour, I went to the bathroom probably about 22 times last night to the point where I was like, ‘I’m f**king wearing diapers,'” Shay tells her stylist in the episode.

Shay then explains that the bathrooms on set of her new show Dollface were on the other side from where they were filming, and she didn’t have time to be going back and forth — which is why she’s resorted to wearing a diaper instead.

“I’ve always enjoyed working and keeping busy, and for the most part have a hard time taking it easy,” Shay writes in the episode’s description.

Anyone who knows me knows I only have one speed. Making a conscious effort to slow down has been a bit of challenge, but the farther along I get in my pregnancy the more instinctual it’s becoming. The love is difficult to describe but she already means the world to me. Even if she’s forced me to wear diapers before I’ve gotten the chance to change hers…ha

Check out the latest episode of Almost Ready below!

Almost Ready is Shay’s series with YouTube chronicling her pregnancy. New episodes are released every other Wednesday on her YouTube channel.

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Shay Mitchell Reveals She’s Been Wearing a Diaper during her Pregnancy

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