Watch: BTS’ Jimin hosts V Live with Special Guests RM & Jin

Despite being on vacation, BTSJimin is still making some time for ARMY.

The k-pop idol held a V Live titled “I’m here” on Wednesday (August 14), where he sat down to chat with fans for the third time in one week.

“Jimin and ARMY time,” Jimin said during the opening of the livestream.

During the stream Jimin played Jin‘s song Tonight (listen to it here) for ARMY, calling it “such a well-written song.”

Later, Jimin invited Jin to join the stream and listen to the song together.

Jimin also revealed that he had worked on a song of his own, saying, “I’m interested in music so I made a song.”

However, Jimin said that he ultimately deleted the song, and Jin told him, “It was a masterpiece.”

As for what they’ll be doing during their vacations, Jin said:

“I usually play games when I rest. If not games, I watch TV. If not TV, I’m lying down.”

“Everyone, when I miss you while on break, I’ll turn on V Live with Eat Jin. I’ll think about inviting Jimin. I’ll come see you during this vacation,” he later added.

Jimin also talked about his vacation plans saying:

“I’m resting. Today, I plan to work out, practice singing and go home and play game with my dongsaeng.”

“I didn’t make a proper plan yet,” he said. “First, I want to spend some time with my parents. Also I want to hang out with my friends. You also told me to go shopping.”

“Also, I thought about it and I want to go to those really good restaurants. I don’t know those places well, so I always go to places I’ve already been or I order in.”

“I want to eat yummy things during this vacation. I also want to work out a lot,” he added.

BTS' Jimin and RM

During the stream, Jimin also welcomed a second guest, RM.

During his brief visit, RM and Jimin talked about the dentist and the possibility that RM may need to get his wisdom teeth out during the break, and alluded to why they have trouble during breaks from work.

“Him and I talked about that a lot, that our members need some break. But when we do take a break, the two of us kind of find it difficult,” Jimin admitted.

Check out Jimin’s latest V Live streams below!

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Watch: BTS’ Jimin hosts V Live with Special Guests RM & Jin

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