Watch: BTS’ V Sings ‘Scenery’ in New Bangtan Bomb

While he may have just released a new solo song, Winter Bear, a few days ago, BTSV still has lots of love for his other solo song, Scenery!

In the k-pop group’s latest Bangtan Bomb video, V gives a surprise live performance of the song after someone start playing the song on the piano.

V’s fellow members, including Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook can also be seen watching on, with Jungkook even singing along to the song.

V released the Scenery six months ago via the group’s Soundcloud Page.

In case you missed it, you can also listen to V’s other new solo song, Winter Bear, here!

Check out V’s surprise Scenery performance below!

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Watch: BTS’ V Sings ‘Scenery’ in New Bangtan Bomb

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