Watch: ITZY’s Adorable ‘Icy’ Dance Practice Video featuring Animal Onesies

After releasing their new single Icy earlier this week, ITZY have treated Midzies to a new dance practice video, featuring a whole bunch of adorable animal onesies.

In the video, YejiLiaRyujinChaeryeong, and Yuna. all rock various animal onesies, as they perform the dance to their hot new song.

Icy officially dropped on Monday (July 29), and since its release, the music video has garnered over 50 million views in less than one week.

Check out ITZY’s dance practice video below!

ITZY also made an appearance on Inkigayo on Sunday (Aug 4) to perform Icy.

While at the show, the girls also filmed a special Check-in Live segment, where they unboxed their new mini-album It’z Icy, played some games, and more. Check out the appearance below! You can also turn on the captions for English subtitles on their check-in live appearance:

In other news, ITZY also recently released some new portraits from a promotional shoot with MAC Cosmetics‘ new Love Me lipstick, in which the members can be seen posing with and applying the lip color:

If you haven’t seen the official music video for Icy yet, you can check it out here!

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Watch: ITZY’s Adorable ‘Icy’ Dance Practice Video featuring Animal Onesies

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