Watch: Karlie Kloss Tests Out Healthy Snacks

Karlie Kloss is all about food, especially if it’s healthy and delicious.

In her latest YouTube video, Karlie sits down with Bubble CEO Jessica Young to try and find some new tasty and healthy snacks.

“Today we’re doing a video about one of my favorite things literally on the planet — healthy snacks,” Karlie says in the video.

“Jess here founded a company called Bubble that essentially is a marketplace that curates amazing, healthy, wholesome snacks in one place.”

During her taste test, Karlie tested out snacks offered by Bubble, like plantain chips, granola butter, GEM Vitamins, and more.

Check out Karlie’s latest video below to see what she thought of the healthy snacks she tried out!

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Watch: Karlie Kloss Tests Out Healthy Snacks

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